Compare the Lincoln Center urban renewal planning to Battery Park City’s

planning. How does the spatial experience of the Tower in the Park differ from

the urbanism of Battery Park City?


The Lincoln Center and Battery Park City are places that incorporate open spaces and green architecture to its designs but each one is different in terms of symmetry and use of space. both planning designs compared to the location in which each site is located.

For example, at Battery Park City the design, greens space, and waterfront environment give a unique experience to the site itself creating a beautiful place to be. There are mainly high-rise buildings and open spaces where you can enjoy the views of the city and the Hudson River. Compared to battery Park city, the Lincoln Center is more of an enclosed space surrounded by the city with a symmetrical design. Its performance as a public space its more of an open space surrounded by massive structures and wide spaces to perform different kind of activities.

I feel that the Lincoln Center is more for people that perform arts, the whole site incorporates modern designs and art that are not just incorporated on the buildings but in stairs, fountains, and sculpture, while  Battery Park City provide an integration of open space and building that generates a unique area from the city that takes full advantages of the waterfront ambient which in my opinion attract more people.

In conclusion, both the Lincoln Center and Battery park city share some similarities like the open spaces and green architecture that are visible and distinguish from one another but its functionality and planning differ in terms of design which battery park city is a more circulated space and green space that creates a unique community to the city while the Lincoln Center has more art on it architectural design which bring more people that perform arts.