Compare placemaking and urban planning at Hudson Yards to Battery Park City.

New York City is a beautiful place full of skyscrapers with different neighborhoods and communities that have improved through the years. The Hudson yards is the newest neighborhood in Manhattan with massive towers made of steel and glass that resemble the future of the city development. The design and structure of the Hudson Yards is way different than the planning design at Battery Park City.

The Hudson Yards provides a unique image of the city, the opportunity to contemplate amazing views of skyscrapers built of steel and glass which reflects the light of the sun giving an amazing view and experience to see. Also, it represents the future of a new generation full of largest buildings with different designs and shapes. The Hudson Yards not only have amazing towers but it also has on its favor the High Line which in my opinion played an important role in the Hudson Yards development. As you walk through the high line the Hudson Yards is visible and as you are getting closer to the Hudson Yards for a moment makes you feel that you are about to enter to another city.

On the other hand, Battery Park City has a more calculated and circulated space with more suitable residential buildings that have an amazing waterfront environment and green space with no massive towers. Compared to Battery Park City, the Hudson yards is more suitable for reaches people and high-income salaries.

In conclusion, the Hudson Yards marks a new begging and the future to the city development while Battery park city reflects the present that we are now. But in the end, both planning designs are built to take full potential of the land used to generate a well-urbanized city.