How do civic centers like Lincoln Center relate to the city around them? Describe

the nature of the public plaza in this civic center.

The Lincoln Center is a postmodern architecture similar to classic style with a unique composition and urban space where the structure design is the main design of the building supporting a window wall. The Lincoln Center buildings have a massive sculpture with a regular scale with a unique structure that seems to be columns supporting the building but is just one massive structure or composition. The façade of each building is facing the center of the public space which there is a fountain located at the center of the Lincoln Center. The center is an open space separated from the street with different elevation from the street. Also, this site seems to be separated from the city where the streets are marking a separation between the city and the Lincoln Center. When you are at this place is quite you can only hear the noise of the water and cars passing through the street and for a moment you just disconnect from the city noise to just this particular site. At this site, planning was useful in an approach of urban planning making this site to be successful in the way the space was used. Each proportion and space have a meaning and purpose because of the way it was designed.

For example, the nature of the public space gives people a different experience at the site where people can enjoy and relax at this place. The design and details that are on this site like a fountain, trees, curved stairs, pool, art figures and building facing each other or facing at the center of the public space define the circulation of the site.