Compare the evolution of the exterior skin of these modern office/institutional

buildings. Compare their massing strategies.

With the end of World War two a new era began and a new beginning of modern architecture, architects start to define a new architectural image of the city by creating and reimagining buildings through massing, materials and exterior skin of the building and relationship to the ground. The Lever House, Seagram Building, Citicorp, lipstick building, ford foundation, and United Nations building are examples of modern architecture. Nowadays, we can see this building as an inspiration for architecture that at the time start a new beginning for architecture.

The Seagram building and lever House are similar in terms of shape and design in which both are great examples of the evolution of material and skin treatment, for example, the Seagram building structure has this unique glass material covering the entire building with columns on the outside and inside of the building. The ground floor is where the structure of the building is visible, we can see the use of glass and steel. The entrance is the main attraction as you enter the building you can see this big column which seems to be placed at the middle of the building acting as a support of the building. The Lever House building structure is also visible from the first floor to the beginning of the second floor in which after that is covered with this massive curtain wall made of glass and steel. From the outside at the front facing the Seagram building, this building seems to be floating in space which is an amazing view to look. Also, this building brings nature at the roof of the second floor filled with trees giving a unique experience at the building which is similar to the Ford Foundation building which has nature on the inside of the building supported by these massive beams and massive columns.

The Citicorp Center building and the lipstick building are also modern buildings that not only show an evolution of material and skin treatment but shape and color. For example, the Citicorp building has this unique curve shape and massive columns supporting the entire building elevating the building at a high elevation to the floor. On the other hand, the lipstick building is a circular building with circular columns at the entrance of the building with three compositions above one another.

The united nations building is a glass tower and one of the modern buildings that is not above the ground floor but is connected to the ground floor which was built to represent peace.  Modern architecture brings new ways of construction by integrating new ways of design and new materials that not only change the ways buildings were built but a new way of light pass through the buildings.