When we talk about Historical sites/neighborhoods and preservation of areas. Washington Square Park is the epitome of 19th century architecture in NYC.  This is an area that is familiarized with revival and excellence nowadays.

First let me briefly mention that Washington Square Park was a burial site prior to becoming what it is today, a public space with greenery that allows the community to gather and enjoy the outdoors while still being in the city. The park is also in homage to Europe since the arc may be known to resemble the Arc de Triomphe, which is an emblem of triumph and prosperity.


As you walk around the SOHO neighborhood you encounter buildings with similar beauty to the ones in Brooklyn Heights only taller. One of the major architectural distinctions used during this period was the effect of rustification on the lower parts of the facade of a housing unit and the revival of the Italian style.  As you keep observing you can see some irregularity on the streets where two streets meet and create a triangle that often becomes this miniature space for greenery and appreciation. A notable feature is the fact that NYU campus sits throughout this whole neighborhood embracing the value of its name with the value of its streets. It’s zone that embraces excellence whether it’s past or present. The churches here have a great example of what Gothic architecture is. The art of creating awe and mystery within the celestial space in order to satisfy the idea of Christ’s grandeur. Therefore, walking through these streets encompass the greatness of a city in the past decades that still thrives today and noted as one of the most expensive neighborhoods in all the city.