New York City became a sprawling city in the 19th century. As more people came into the city for economical satisfaction this resulted in more demand for housing.  As a result the great idea landlords decided to embrace was to immediately go against the law. Housing that was mainly for a single family was not meant for two or three families. The overcrowding became an immense issue besides that people no longer had the peace of mind everyone deserves. Landlords were satisfied as long as the money got into their pockets so they morally didn’t care about the sanitation and plumbing issues people were facing. The amount of waste that was amounted on the streets and the fact that for every 20 people living in an apartment they all shared a water hole which was known as the toilet; is detrimental due to the fact that this led to spread and growth of diseases.

One of the major architectural elements that the apartment buildings had to change was the poor quality of sunlight. Landlords and the government was okay with having sunlight being passed by interior window frames only having access to windows from the front and back of the structure. The reason why the buildings provided poor sunlight and air quality was because lots were all built extremely small distances form one another.

At least from my perspective New York City is still a city that carries on the overcrowding factor. This is especially true in lower income neighborhoods families bundle up together in order to pay for rent since NYC rent is reaching for the skies. So while people are here because there is a wider opportunity of employment there is still a need of mutual dependence i being able to pay for housing.