The civic infrastructure was impacted by the architecture that was in the neighborhood. The designs of the Architects and the Contractors who lived and worked in the area of Grand Central Station and Penn Station Inspired the city to grow and land was developed. Grand Central and Penn Station were a part of New York City’s history because the architecture of both buildings influenced the design of future buildings.

The open spaces of Grand Central Station appealed to commuters to come and use the station to get to other places. The design of the station with its huge columns and its mosaic ceiling were a sight to see places, which drew people to visit and travel through.

Penn Station is also an underground train terminal and it has a lot people traveling daily to New Jersey, PA, and other nearby states. It’s not as busy as Grand Central but many people commute daily. The MTA subway has a lot of connecting lines also to Penn Station, which makes it easier for people to make connections throughout the city.

Grand Central kept its old look with the huge columns, open spaces and added more underground stations connections to other places. Penn Station is under major renovation and has added more tech for the future so that eventually it will be very efficient and be state of the art.