The exterior skin of the office/institutional Buildings that we looked at during our trip was the Lever House, Seagram Building and Lipstick Building. Each has its own different façade. For example, the Lipstick Building was oval and had a different setback. The Lever House, it had a public open plaza and one tall building which didn’t use all their FAR space. The Seagram Building, was a more simple but unique design.

The Lever House had a nice exterior skin to the building. On the second floor, it had a green roof, where people can come out during their lunch break and enjoy the fresh air with the natural feeling of being in an urban environment. Also, there are two different types of glass being used in the. One was a greenish glass which makes it so you can see through the building helped cover up the HVCA. The other type of glass was tinted green which made it not as see through. The exterior of the building is a curtain wall hung system.

While looking at the Seagram Building the transparent glass is yellow. It also has a curtain wall system but has many structural elements on the first floor that are seen from the exterior of the building. It has a very sleek design and brings out the beauty of the building, with its yellowish transparent glass and its black panels. The building has a relief from the first floor to the second, which provides more open space.

Looking at these two buildings it has a very different look to them, and it shows us different exterior finishes. Along with the different materials and massings of the buildings, it shows us how two buildings are doing the same job but giving us a different feel to the environment that we live in.