In the 1900s the First Collection house was built, and it is one of the oldest houses that still exist today. In 1931 Mrs. Frick had passed on and the family had decided to turn the house into a Museum in New York City. The Frick museum has a massive structure and it has beautiful gardens all around the building which gives it a welcoming look to the public. The Guggenheim Museum attracts the public’s view because of its unique design, which is circular, it entices the viewer to go inside the building to see the works of art.

I had a wonderful experience visiting the Frick Museum. The building in the entrance had many welcoming spaces which made you feel at ease when entering. The building space created a unique design of the rooms. The museum consisted of exceptional sculptures and paintings. After leaving the lobby one of my favorite rooms in the Frick Museum is the Garden Court. I loved the natural light that was coming in, which lit up the room. The fountain in the middle of the room was nicely placed and I liked the ionic columns they had all around the room. The Fifth Avenue garden was also very large and consisted of open spaces. The huge ionic columns and glass windows made the space seem very pleasing to the eye. The facade of the building was made from limestone which was very nicely shaped and proportioned. It is one of the largest gardens I have ever seen in New York City.

The Guggenheim Museum had a beautiful spiral design which showcased us many paintings of art around the wall going upwards. The interior of the spiral going up is very nice and has a sleek design. I liked the white color of the design and open spaces so everyone could see every floor. As seen from the exterior of the building you can see it’s a circular size and this shape is retained when you are inside the museum. I enjoy this Museum because it gives you a sense of space and freedom.

I like the experience of both Museums because each of them has their personalized style and feel to them. The Frick Collection Museum is very special because it connects a lot with nature and has a lot of garden space. The Guggenheim Museum has a lot of spaces for the public to see paintings and sculptures. Many people enjoy this Museum because of its circular shape unlike anything else in New York City, it stands out to the public.

Both Museum is similar because they both show paintings, sculptures, and design from different artists. They are different because the Frick Museum gives us a lot of garden space and natural light wherein the Guggenheim Museum, we can see experience works of art in a more modern state of architecture design