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frame project

I’ve decided to make a prototype of a moving picture on a wall.
While I was drawing the idea on paper, I was trying to decide how I’m going to build this project. When I had an answer in my head, I started looking for sources in Internet that could match my idea. My thought was to build a “sliding door” with two pic­tures on it using pneumatic. So, I started looking online how people build sliding door, and found a blog that helped me to build my prototype.


I chose pneu­mat­ics to move my pic­ture, I think this is more of­fi­ciant way to build the­atre re­lated prod­ucts and also I wanted to test my­self. Work­ing on pneu­mat­ics on paper (and not only pneu­mat­ics, al­most every­thing) doesn’t give you enough un­der­stand­ing. TEST­ING is a main key!

When I had an an­swer how to build mov­ing pic­ture I started look­ing for ac­ces­si­ble ma­te­ri­als: mount­ing brack­ets, tracks, cylin­ders, etc. Most of the ma­te­ri­als I found at McMAster.​com.

I started a process from build­ing the mov­ing part in my pro­ject, test­ing it (had some mis­un­der­stand­ing which way cylin­der goes, while it’s ac­ti­vated ), and then cre­at­ing a frame for it.

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I think my over­all process went smooth, I had good sources at the be­gin­ning. For my first pneu­matic ex­pe­ri­ence I’m happy with the re­sult, my model is ac­cu­rate enough – it works!

In real life things depended on a completion of overall production with tones of projects like this one, and things can change by a specific task, like weight, position, noise, speed, size, etc. And I’m sure my project will be different in a way in a real production.

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