Charles Bowden Prototype Reflection


  • I was testing to see if I could move marbles
  • Google search engine
  • I used foam board because I just wanted to see how everything would be placed and blocks would move
  • stressed, tying to figure out what would work and I just dove in to better get an understanding


  • the framing , at the time I had not reached the actual mechanism
  • I had to alter the from the research to make it work for me
  • no/yes. needed to research more once i found a basis of what I wanted
  • no physically, theory yes
  • something to hold marbles in place and a hole to fill


  • The compartments that I would need to create
  • devote more time in every step, not panic as much, play with the ideas in real life and its ok to go so far in the process and repeat to fix or extend



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