Prototype Reflection

My prototype were the elevator doors. I used google pictures and YouTube to see pictures of simple lift door operation, and consumer grade elevator doors. I chose to use the lightest materials because I have created a scale version of Hollywood-style platform. I used 1x pine as well as 1/8″ Lauan for the lid. Most of the planning went into the mechanism and how it will operate. There were also a few things that needed to be factored in when the scale model was completely built. The idea of my V-groove wheels that will allow the doors to slide freely on a track worked. However, the alignment of the track itself was giving the most trouble. In a real life situation, choice of material for the build would be metal. I have learned that the alignment of the top and bottom tracks are very tedious and must be precise to some degree. I learned that proper planning and further research will help me much more in future projects.

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