Prototype Reflections


My prototype was to see if the elevator doors could slide. To see how they worked I searched various sites such as How It Works, Wikipedia, and few documents. I also watched YouTube videos to see how the machine worked behind the panels. Since this isn’t a real elevator door but a stage set I made the flat and doors for this prototype half 1×3. I would normally use 1×3 wood but I was making a smaller scale to make up for materials. The prototype didn’t have plywood face because I wanted to just see if the skeleton would work. I had the the concept and afterwards I made a cut list of what I needed to build and used string to test the doors.


The doors did slide but not with best efficiency. They were clunky and to make them smooth I would need a track. I’m glad I tested because it’s obvious I need a short platform with tracks on the door, now I will have to just to make it actor proof. I would only consider putting the face of the flat to see if that would not be too tick. The model also was short with framing that was weaker than the 1×3 that will be actually on the finished project which will make it sturdier.


The track has to be applied and a better path for the doors on the top, maybe another track. I’m also planning to put a motor or pneumatic device to make the doors open without stagehand help. I definitely should’ve listed out all the specific materials and hardware needed with my concept and will need that for each project in the future.

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