COMD_1112 Sound!

Michelle Olmo 


How sound is made? The sound is a wave produced by the vibrating objects in a medium like air. The vibrating objects may be a person’s vocal cords, a guitar string or a tuning fork.  

How is it produced? The amount of vibration, as well as the speed of the vibration, produce the different sounds our ears can recognize. 

What is Amplitude? Amplitude is the difference between the midpoint and the highest position of displacement. 

What is period? Period is the time it takes for a wave to complete one… to reveal more material. 

What is frequency? Frequency is the number of cycles that occur in one second. 

It is also the inverse of the period. 

What is wavelength? Wavelength is the distance from one point on the wave, to the next identical point, or the length of one part of the wave. 

How is speed of sound? The speed of Sound is the speed of transmission of small disturbance through a medium. 

What affects the speed of sound? The material that makes up the medium such as air or water and the temperature. 

What is medium? A medium is just a material through which an energy wave can propagate. This can include, air, steel, glass, etc.  

What is Hertz? Hertz simply measures the frequency of the cycle. One Hertz equal to one Cycle per second.