Faculty: Please outline your grading policy here, including grading scale and specific participation requirements, as well as how and where you will communicate grades to students.


The only way to improve your photography is to take pictures. This grading formula rewards taking pictures consistently over the semester with the aim of making you a better photographer. There are lab exercises, discussions, and homework assignments every week. If you complete these conscientiously and on time, you will get full credit. Midterm and Final projects will be graded for quality and creativity with a rubric.  

Grades will be based on:

  • Homework40%
  • Projects: 25%
  • Lab exercises and quizzes: 35% 


Homework will be assigned each week of the semester and be due before the start of the following class. Turn in your image homework to Flickr. You must share 5 of your best images with the class via the class group on Flickr. In addition, from each homework assignment, you must select one of your classmates images to post to openLab with a comment (min 50 words) using the vocabulary of photography.

Any written assignments will be submitted to OpenLab.


Projects will take place over several weeks with components due each week. They will be graded according to the project rubric which rewards creative and varied use of composition, good technique and participation in critiques.

Lab Exercises and Quizzes

Lab exercises and quizzes will be submitted on OpenLab.


If you will not be able to hand in coursework on the scheduled due date, it is your responsibility to notify the instructor BEFORE the due date. You are responsible for completing all lab exercises, comments, homework and projects even if you are absent.

Points are deducted for late work. It’s better to turn in incomplete projects than late projectsand to attend the critique/comment on classmates work even if your work is incomplete. 

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