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Main Classification of Typefaces

Quick Reference: Classification of Type PDF


  • Learn about and identify the main classifications of type: Serif, Sans Serif, Scripts and Display
  • How to access a variety of typefaces for use across media (Your computer, other sources such as Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts)
  • Discuss evolving trends in typography such as variable fonts and typography is space.
In Google Fonts, you can select categories and styles.


  • Design/Graphic Activity
    Select 3 typefaces from Adobe or Google Fonts (One Serif / One Sans Serif / One Script (or Handwriting) Download them and install them, then.
    • Go to InDesign and create an 8.5 x 11 page (default settings ok)
    • Create a text Box and write in the name of your three typefaces
    • Highlight the text and Increase the pt size to 30 pts
    • With text still highlighted, apply the actual typeface to each of the names
  • Type Challenge Activity – Serif and San Serif letterform study
  • Talk Activity – Found Alphabet
  • Type Talk Activity Poetry logotype – Pentagram

To-Do After Class

Complete Activity started in class, and post as specified

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