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Class Info

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The written language and origin of  letterforms


  • Learn about visual communication and the origin of written communication and the alphabet.
    • WRITING 
      • Cave Paintings 
      • Pictographs 
      • Ideographs
      • Cuneiform Writing
      • Hieroglyphs 
      • Calligraphy
      • Chinese Calligraphy
      • Invention of Paper
      • Invention of Wooden characters in printing
      • others
    •  Origin of the Latin ALPHABET and others
      • Phoenicians 
      • Greek
      • Roman or Latin


To-Do After Class

Instructors: Choose at least one activity from TYPE ACTIVITIES>FOUND ALPHABET/SCAVENGER HUNT/TYPE CHALLENGE/TYPE HERO. These can be used as during-class activity or as assignment. ADD under ACTIVITIES or TO-DO AFTER CLASS.

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