Faculty: This first class post demonstrates how you can provide information about each class for your students. It uses the category “Class Agendas” and can be found under Activities > Class Agendas in the site menu. Use the suggested outline below to structure your class agdena posts. Remember to delete this informational block before sharing this post with your students.

Class Info:

  • Date: Add date
  • Meeting Info: Add online details or in-person location

To-Do Before Class:

  • Claim CityTech/CUNY email
  • Join OpenLab
  • Join our OpenLab site
  • If possible, get class materials posted HERE
  • Bring a pen, two pencils, eraser, paper at least 8 1/2 x 11 inches


  • Student survey
  • Introduction to course objectives and procedures
  • Review of course syllabus
  • Demonstration of OpenLab navigation
  • Introduction to five component skills of perception


  • Students will understand the aims and procedures of the course
  • Students will become familiar with the class online environment
  • Students will understand the five component skills of perception and how these skills relate to drawing


  • Student survey
  • Discussion of class syllabus, introduction to class procedures, materials and supplies, discussion of apps used in the class
  • Drawing from memory
  • Drawing from observation
  • Discussion of the five component skills of perception

To-Do After Class

  • Get supplies
  • Homework:
    • Drawing from observation using graphite pencil and white paper
    • Student Discussions: Introductions