Personal Philosophy of Nursing

            Nursing profession continue being rated as several top respectful careers, it is one of the reasons that I am proud with myself as a nurse. My personal nursing philosophy is built on how I understand and am passionate about nursing. I truly believe that nursing is an evidence-based practice profession and nurses have a responsibility to provide protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury and patient-centered holistic care. I should integrate evidence-based practice into my clinical works that help me create positive patient outcomes. As an advocate, I should encourage patients to participate in their own care and maintain their preferences as much as possible.

            My professional core values and beliefs as each patient should be treated equally and considered as an individual regardless of their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious preference and socioeconomic status. I have to recognize and acknowledge that my personal views may differ from patients’. Effective strategies I need to establish to prevent this from making subjective clinical judgments. Even the different views exist, patient are worthy of respect and no patient deserves to die alone.

            I believe that learning is a whole life process. I gain nursing knowledge from the professors and textbooks to begin my nursing career and working experiences stimulate me to grow up in my profession. By being positive, I consider each opportunity of taking care of patient as a chance to learn more. Evidently, the knowledge is infinite and never insufficient; I am urgent to have more which satisfies my desire in my nursing professional career.

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