Learning Self-Analysis for the Program

Learning Self Evaluation – Analysis for the Program

           The Baccalaureate degree in nursing expands my working potential beyond the bedside. Rather than studying direct patient cares, I learn skills and knowledge that are able to apply to health service management in community levels, profession development and personal growth. These not only involve with patients, also deal with complexity of health care system, relationship, and ability of utility. I recognize that the Baccalaureate degree in nursing likely prepare me to an upper level of nursing. It totally upgrades my personal and professional ability to encounter the challenges in modern health care system.

            By having the opportunities to explore the community, I know that the common health issues people face are lack of health care insurance and suffering from chronic disease. As what I have learned from my Baccalaureate program, these are a lot of community based resources available to help them. Regarding individual health condition, I can referral to appropriate program such as community found body screen programs or government regulated health promotion programs if they do not have insurance. Health education is prior as the number one intervention in a community. I educate chronic diseases and their complications prevention strategies to improve people’s quality of life. If some people need something outside of my practice scope like financial or social support, I can referral to social worker agency also. All of these I learn from my Baccalaureate program.

            My profession development potential increases when I have my Baccalaureate degree. The program teaches me advanced level of nursing skills and knowledge. Based on how a floor functions, patients’ severity and planed budgets, I am able to suggest 8 hour shift or 12 hour shift and list the reasons why the floor should regulate either one. I not only focus on individual patient’s safety instead of both patients and health care workers. My ability to inspect a floor environment and identify any risk factors has been practiced and is proved as reliable. In addition, learning to be confident and advocate for my profession and patients also the curriculum content, which enhance my leader ability. I believe that these help my career success.

            Baccalaureate program helps my personal growth. I practice my nursing in community. The social relationship I encounter is more complicated than it does in a health care facility. In order to avoid any argument or conflict, I would consider anyone who involved in my nursing interventions before I regulate such as clients, family members, doctors, other nurses, health insurance companies and involved healthcare agencies and organizations. Their individual value, belief and favor are identified and support if possible. This is to balance individual benefit and authority. All these generate a whole picture of what I work at. Also these not only apply to my profession also on my social life. They expand my views wider and consideration more comprehensive if I do something.

            I believe that baccalaureate program more likely prepare me to the real working environments. It teaches the necessary skills and knowledge to my career success and personal growth. It affects me further than I expected.

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