My name is Mingjie Gong and I am a registered professional nurse. Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor degree in nursing in New York City College of Technology. As a senior student, I am preparing to enter my real professional career practice. This Eportfolio offers an innovative way to present myself to the public, including potential employers. It helps make my career goal clearer and speeds my professional success.

          Before I get into nursing school, I own an associate degree in Liberal Arts in LaGuardia Community College. I decided to change my major and to be a nurse because I think nursing profession is capable to help more people and have more respects. Also it is consisted with my primary career ambition that helps as more people as possible. So I expect a lot nursing profession is able to achieve my desire. It always is hiding inside of my heart and never disappears.

          I get my associate degree in nursing in New York City College of Technology on December 2013 and pass NECLX exam on April 2014. The process of nursing professional study is impressed. The classes reading assignments are so intensive and stressful. Finally, my big efforts are paid with successful academic achievements. After my associate degree, I do not stop my education instead continue my bachelor degree. I take as many classes as possible each semester. Now, I expect to have my bachelor degree graduation in nursing on this December.

            As a full time student, I do not work and only focus on my school currently. I plan to work in a hospital after I have my bachelor degree in nursing if possible. The special units I prefer to work for are Med – Surgical unit, neurological unit, operation room or emergency department. If there is no another option for me, any another nursing position I take it. I concern more what I can learn from each nursing position; I believe that a good nursing position can provide me more opportunities to explore my personal potential. It is more valuable than anything. I hope that my plan will works.


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