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My project proposal is to research the steps for getting into real estate development and the components that this career entails. As a real estate property developer, I would like to buy land or already existing homes and build/renovate them to later sell them for a profit. There’s certain things I want to include in my final project which I outline below:

1- What is real estate property development?

This section would clearly define real estate property development and a general overview of what this career entails. This section would also include the kind of work environment and day to day schedules/tasks of real estate developers.

2- How to get into property development?

This section encompasses the bulk of the project. I would research and include the steps someone has to take in school and other requirements such as getting licensure to become a real estate developer. This section would also analyze the financial components that is required for this career. Other important factors are the process of getting land or an existing home, the process of construction, the process of selling and getting a profit, and everything else that is needed. Lastly, I would explore the relationships and work collaborations that a real estate developer needs to have with others such as a bank, construction companies, real estate agents, architects/designers, etc.

3- Stats

This section would focus on statistics on real estate developments such as most profitable cities for this career, job growth, medium income, and other important statistics.

4- Example

This section would focus on one or two real estate development companies that closely resemble the work I want to do. I would research and give an overview of their business such as what kind of work they do, their price and profits rates, and essential information that would be beneficial to know about their company.

I believe that with his project proposal I can create a well rounded project that helps me learn about the future career I would like to have.

Ashley Herasme

2 thoughts on “Proposal for Final Project”

  1. Hi Ashley, your proposal is well-thought-out and promises an informative end. The research done for the project will benefit you greatly and add to the knowledge already acquired on how to become a real estate property developer.

  2. Hi Ashley,
    This is very interesting topic. I never went into details how its done, but i would like to hear about it and keep it as general information that might be very useful for me someday.

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