Final Project Proposal -Karen Vintimilla

My proposal for the final is to discuss what our dream job is but expand on it. For those who want to have their own business, we can expand on what type of business we want, what we will be doing and for who are we giving our services to. We can create a presentation on the advantages and disadvantages on having a business. If we have the opportunity, we can also have one or two interviews with business owners that have similar business that we desire to have in a future. For those who want to work within an existing firm can talk about the type of firms they would want to work in and if possible, schedule an interview with a current employee that works in that specific firm/company and discuss with them their daily duties. My overall final proposal is basically to expand and do more research on what it will be once working in the architect field. This way we all have the opportunity to write either a paper or make a presentation based on our own desires and what we find important for our future as architects.

One thought on “Final Project Proposal -Karen Vintimilla”

  1. Hey Karen,
    I like your idea of expanding on what your dream job is for your final project. I also wanted to start a business and one of my proposals was to dig deeper into this topic. So I might consider doing this topic as well. Should be interesting on what we can find to help start a business!

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