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LL6- Freezing Motion

This is probably my favorite of all the photos we took. Not only is there clear motion in the scarf and her hair, there’s also depth which makes the photo feel immersive. The pink color of the scarf really contrasts … Continue reading

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Steve McCurry India Exhibit

Last week we visited the Rubin Museum to see Steve McCurry’s India exhibit. This was my first time visiting this museum and it was a lot more compelling than I had anticipated. The first thing you notice when you walk … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

Motion blur is showing movement in a flat photograph. For this photo we did a collab with another group. We had a person spinning on the chair in the foreground, people walking in the middle while one person was standing still, … Continue reading

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LL4 – Portrait Basics – Marvin Martinez

I think this is the best photo we took. The short lighting really makes the photo dramatic and gives it a kind of noir feeling. The shadow splits the face down the middle and gives it a sense of mystery. … Continue reading

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LL3 – Lighting Direction – Marvin Martinez

Our group added a backlight to the flowers. This gave the flowers a silhouette. This silhouette gave the flowers a contrast against the black background. In return, it gives the photo a dramatic feel to it and adds a dash … Continue reading

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LL2 – Composition – Marvin Martinez

This is my favorite photo our group took. I believe it fulfills the fill the frame compositional principle we went over last week. It’s an extreme close-up of our chair which causes a pretty cool and unique distortion. It also gives … Continue reading

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Marvin Martinez – Homework #1

The photograph I chose is called Jane’s Carousel. It was taken in 2011 by photographer Matthew Pillsbury. The photograph shows a spinning and lit carousel, probably taken using a slow shutter speed. The carousel itself is located in the Dumbo … Continue reading

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LL – The Thing Itself

“The Thing Itself” makes an interesting point when differentiating between the subject of the photograph and the actual photograph. According to this short text from The Photographer’s Eye by John Szarkowski, “the subject and the picture were not the same … Continue reading

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