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Depth of Field

This is one of the best photos I had taken all day. I believe this is a successful photo because of the use of rule of thirds on the left side of the photo. The plants are clear and sharp … Continue reading

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Painting with Light – Greg Young

To paint with light, the surrounding area must be dark. A longer exposure is needed to capture the streaks of light from the moving light source. Because the photo is mostly black the light source stands out no matter what … Continue reading

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  The photo of Alberto captures the motion of the dice falling . His expression helps the photo, showing us he’s focused on catching the dice. Composition wise too I like how the dice is hiding one of his eyes, with … Continue reading

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Week 9 Motion Blurr

This a photo of Romondo doing jumping-jacks. Because of the fast motion and  longer exposure the photo becomes blurred. This is what motion blur is; longer exposure with rapid movement.  I shot this photo with shutter speed of one second. … Continue reading

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LL4-Portrait Basics

1.When shooting a portrait some of the important factors are lighting, but also making sure your subject if is comfortable and relaxed. 2.With broad lighting, the light is hitting the subject broad side of the face, the side with the … Continue reading

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LL3-Lighting Direction

This is photo of the flowers was taken at a side angle. I feel this is great photo because we see most of the flowers at a new angle and it shows their size difference. Plus at this angle we … Continue reading

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LL1-The Thing Itself

There will always be a big difference between the photo and the actual. The photo will always be seen as art no matter how it is taken. We as viewers interpret the photo on what the photographer has given us. … Continue reading

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