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Final location #3

This picture is successful because it captures a beautiful view of the city through the oval frame. it is also very subtle, it looks like you’re looking through spyglass into the city.

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Painting with light

This picture is very successful because the light painting works very well with Marvin’s hand and it almost looks like he is creating fire with his hand. Also, his facial expression shows confidence and not bothered by the “fire” in … Continue reading

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Freezing motion

This picture captured the perfect moment. This picture could not be recreated even if we took this picture 1000 times over and I think thats what makes it so unique. The strongest feature of this picture is how the scarf … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

This photograph was taken while Alicia was walking towards the camera. It made her look like a ghost walking through the hallway and you can even see the people behind her through her. The shutter speed for this image was … Continue reading

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Hw 6.5

The exhibit is a collection of photographs taken in India. The exhibit has photographs that are very rich in color and pop out at you from a far. In the other hand, they’re some photographs that are more subtle and … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

The lighting can really impact the way your photograph looks. It may enhance the image or even give it a certain mood such as the image above. The lighting in this photograph makes it look dramatic and intense.

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I chose this picture because I think it is the best one out of all the ones we took. We put a lot of effort in capturing the perfect lighting and angle especially because I had an idea of what … Continue reading

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HW 1 Jose D.

Michael Kenna, New York “Brooklyn Bridge, Study 1, New York City, USA, 2006” The picture was taken under the Brooklyn Bridge looking toward Manhattan. I think the intention of the photographer was to capture a view of Manhattan without any … Continue reading

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The thing itself

The difference between the thing that is shown in a photograph or the subject of the photograph and the photograph, is that the subject can be different depending on who is looking at it because just like art, photography is subjective. … Continue reading

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