Fall 2016

Faculty Organizers: Professors Thomas Johnstone and Johann Thiel

Room and Time: N719, 12:50-2pm


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 8  Speaker: Johann Thiel
15  No meeting (SIAM Club)
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 29  Speaker: Johann Thiel
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 20  Speaker: Satyanand Singh
 27  Speaker: Mariya Bessonov
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 10  Speaker: Thomas Johnstone
 27  Speaker: Thomas Johnstone
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 1  Speaker: Thomas Johnstone
8  Speaker: Arthur Kramer
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Abstracts — Fall 2016

Speaker: Johann Thiel
Title: Compass and Straightedge
Abstract: Compass and straightedge constructions are geometric constructions using an idealized compass and ruler with no markings. We will show examples of different shapes, angles, and lengths that can we construct with these simple tools. This introductory talk is for a general audience.

Speaker: Johann Thiel
Title: Introduction to Cryptography
Abstract: We will give a brief introduction to modular arithmetic and its applications to cryptography.

Speaker: Satyanand Singh
Title: Cyber knives, computer programming, and mathematics all entangled

Abstract:¬†This presentation will introduce you to the freeware software ” Persistence of¬†Vision-Retracer”. The audience will be taken on a trip that simulates,¬†animates, view 4D objects, twist Mobius curves, expand fractals and tango¬†with Penrose triangles. We will then slice our way with cyber knives as we¬†encounter cutting edge research and open up new frontiers.

Speaker: Mariya Bessonov
Title: Probability, Paradoxes, and the Infinite
Abstract:¬†Assigning probabilities to outcomes of an experiment with infinitely many possible outcomes is a delicate but important matter, given that many real world questions involving randomness naturally occur in an infinite setting ‚ÄĒ or a setting that is considerably simpler to treat as being infinite. For example, consider the first time that the value of a stock falls below a particular level or the location that debris from space will fall onto the Earth. In this talk, we will consider paradoxes that can arise in an infinite setting. How can a single question concerning probabilities have three different and correct numerical answers?

Speaker: Thomas Johnstone
Title: What I Learned from Arthur Benjamin
Abstract:¬†Arthur Benjamin is an American mathematician, who has published over 90 academic papers and five books. Benjamin is also well-known for his mental math capabilities, which he regularly displays during performances in front of live audiences. His TED talk “A Performance of Mathemagic” has been viewed almost 8 million times. In this City Tech math club talk, we will see how and why some of Benjamin’s neat computation tricks work and perform our own mathemagic. The talk should be of interest to anybody who likes to play around with numbers, or anybody who wants to perform computations without a calculator quickly and reliably.

Speaker: Thomas Johnstone
Title:¬†How to Solve the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube
Abstract: Ever wished to be able to solve the iconic Rubik’s cube puzzle? But thought it was too difficult or were discouraged by the vast number of possible ways (43 quintillion!) it can be scrambled into? After this talk, you will be able to solve Rubik’s Cube, and with a little bit of practice, in a time of about 3 minutes.¬†

Speaker: Thomas Johnstone
Title:¬†How to Solve the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube (part 2)
Abstract:¬†This is the second part of our math club series on how to solve the 3×3 Rubik’s cube. In this second talk, we will learn how to solve the third and final layer of Rubik’s cube. Although it would be ideal if you know already how to solve the first two layers of the cube, this talk will be accessible for everybody, even for total Rubik’s cube beginners: the algorithms to solve the third layer have little in common with the solution of the first two layers, and they can thus be learned independently from each other. After this talk, you will be able to solve Rubik’s Cube, and with a little bit of practice, in a time of about 3 minutes.¬†

Speaker: Arthur Kramer
Title: Math РThe Far Side
Abstract: We will look at some entertaining conundrums in mathematics and some fun and useful questions.