Monthly Archives: February 2019

Software Engineering, Data Science, and Careers in Mathematics

Date: February 28, 2019
Speaker: Charlie Meyers
Title: Software Engineering, Data Science, and Careers in Mathematics
Abstract: This week’s presentation will feature Charlie Meyers, who graduated from NYCCT’s Applied Mathematics program last year. He’s now a Master’s student at CUNY’s School of Professional Studies, studying Data Science. He will share some original research on jobs in the Math and Computer Science fields and discuss his experience interviewing at a multitude of tech companies. This research dives deep into the Bureau of Labor Statistics data to see what kind of jobs are available to recent graduates, as well as what tools, techniques, and languages one must know in order to land a job in the software engineering field. We will also examine what skills will land you a high-paying job in the giant, growth field of data science/software-engineering. Because he is moving to Germany to work at Audi’s self-driving car division, he will speak briefly about the international opportunities of STEM graduates. Time will be allocated at the end for students to ask questions of the Applied Math program, CUNY SPS, Data Science, or job interviews. Stop by, grab a slice of pizza, and learn about the exciting world of health insurance, a salary, and coding for money. 

City Tech, Internships, and Beyond

Date: February 14, 2019
Speaker: Jeffrey Tumminia
Title: City Tech, Internships, and Beyond
Abstract: Jeffrey Tumminia is a City Tech alumnus with a degree in Applied Math. In this talk he will discuss his time at City Tech and give general advice for students interested in math and computer science related careers. There will also be time for a Q&A session.