Monthly Archives: September 2018

Decision Trees

Date: September 20, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Johann Thiel
Title: Decision Trees

Abstract: Suppose you have 5 pieces of fruit whose size, color, and label (the type of fruit it is) are known. Given the size and color of an unlabeled piece of fruit, is it possible to classify it given our previous observations? How sure can we be that we are right? This is a kind of classification problem.

Decision trees (used in machine learning) can be used to help with these types of problems. In this talk we will discuss how to construct a decision tree by hand and how to use the scikit-learn python module to create decision trees for larger data sets.

Faculty Presentations for SIAM meeting

Date: September 13, 2018
Speakers: Carlly Simeon, Dr. Nadia Benakli, Dr. Johann Thiel, Dr. Jonathan Natov
Title: N/A

This meeting will feature faculty presentations on the following topics:
• Welcome to Applied Mathematics and STEM Majors
• Services provided by the Professional Development Center
• Internship Information and opportunities
• Differential-Equations competition opportunity
• When 7=4?