Midterm Exam #1 – Review

We will have our first midterm exam next Tuesday (Feb 26).  To prepare for the exam:

  • start by finishing the open WebWork assignments (“Functions – Translations” & “Functions – Inverse Functions”) which are due Monday (Feb 25) at 2p
    • a few of the more advanced exercises go beyond what will you will be asked on the exam, and I will count those exercises count as extra credit; see here for a list of which exercises are extra credit, and see below for which exercises to make sure you understand for the exam)
  • the WebWork sets are due before the exam so that you can study the WebWork solutions (for any given WebWork set, click on “Generate PDF or TeX Hardcopy for Current Set” and then select the “Correct Answers” & “Solutions” options)
  • review the following WebWork exercises; in addition to reviewing the solutions, you can click on “Show Me Another” to generate a new exercise that you can practice with (solutions are provided for “Show Me Another” exercises)
    • Interval Notation: #3 & #4
    • Absolute Value Inequalities: #6 & #7
    • Functions – Notation: #1-5
    • Functions – Operations: #2-4
    • Functions – Difference Quotient: #1 & #2
    • Functions – Translations: #1-3
    • Functions – Inverse Functions: #1-8
  • review Quiz #1 & Quiz #2 (solutions have been uploaded to Files)
  • I will have extra office hours Monday morning (Feb 25), 10a-12p for exam review

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