Participation Points

Participation will count as 5% of your course grade. You can earn the full 5% in a variety of ways, which will be listed below over the course of the semester. Completing any item below earns you 1 participation point (up to a max of 5pts):

  • Attendance: if you have 3 or fewer unexcused absences over the course of the semester. Note that 2 latenesses count as 1 absence.
  • Introduce Yourself” OpenLab assignment: complete this assignment before Feb 1 (doing it afterwards will earn you 0.5 points).
  • Joining the OpenLab course group: join the course group at the Course Profile before Feb 8 (the link to the Course Profile is above in the menu; note that you will need to have set up an OpenLab account to join the course group)
  • Office hours: come to office hours (Tuesdays 12p-1p in N724, or by appointment); you can earn up to 2 points by coming to office hours two different times.