Ganguli | Math 1375 | Fall 2020

First OpenLab Assignment: Introductions & Mathography


Your first OpenLab assignments are to

  1. join the course group, and
  2. introduce yourself to your classmates (see below).

This assignment is due Tuesday, September 1.  Each of these assignment will earn you one point towards the Participation component of your course grade. Late submissions will receive partial credit.

Assignment. Add a comment in reply to this post introducing yourself to the class.  Your comment should be at least 2 paragraphs in length.  In the first paragraph, introduce yourself in whatever way you wish. You could include your academic interests, including your major if you have chosen one; where you’re from and/or where you currently live; what you enjoy reading, listening to, watching, and doing in your spare time; and anything else you want to share (include your pronouns, if you wish).  In the second paragraph, choose ONE of the following two topics and write a short response. Don’t forget to tell us which topic you chose.

Topics (choose ONE).

  1. Was math ever your favorite subject? If so, when was it? What about math made it your favorite? If math has never been your favorite subject, what about it do you not like?
  2. Sometimes people can recognize a time when their opinion of math dramatically changed either for the better or the worse. Tell us about it.

Extra Credit. Get to know your classmates! For extra credit, write a response to one of your classmates’ comments (use the “Reply” button under a given comment). Do you have similar interests? Did you learn anything? Do you have any advice? Please be kind!


  1. Alexander Lumbres

    My name is Alexander Lumbres and I graduated from Information Technology High School. I am currently majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. My time before the start of college, I was a part of a CTE Academy Called Web Design Academy, which focuses on graphics design and other programming languages.

    Math was my favorite academic subject back in 4-5th grade as I enjoyed answering using numbers rather than words mainly. What made me like math was honestly because it wasn’t much writing but rather just multiplying, adding, etc. During my high school career, I have taken several Math classes like trignometry, geometry, etc.

    • Devindra Subhag

      Yea i took the same in high school.

      • Alexander Lumbres

        oh that’s crazy. Are you a second year in college or we just never see each other despite being in the same year?

    • Samuel Appiah

      I took all of those classes in High School as well but Geometry was the most difficult for and part of the reason was I didn’t take it seriously.

  2. brownie

    My name is Vieanna but people call me Vivi or V. I live in Brooklyn with my mom and younger sister. My major is Liberal Arts but I was previously in programming. My normal hobbies are writing, reading and playing video games. Because of my hobby, I’ve written over 40 short stories and I aspire to work in Story Board so I can create storylines for videogames, preferably horror games.

    In highschool, math was my favorite subject. My teacher taught it in a very active way, offering prizes and dares to the students that passed every exam. When I was frustrated with my work, she would pull me aside and teach me ways to understand it better.

    • Karina Budhu

      Wow, I loved writing short stories as well. I would love to read yours someday!

  3. Erik Yan

    I am Erik and my major is Liberal arts and science. Some things I enjoy doing in my free time skateboarding and riding my bike. I also enjoy playing video games. There really isn’t much more then those things from what I can think of.
    I never really enjoyed math. There was only one time I enjoyed math and that was in like 10th grade. Every other time was just not enjoyable. Math has so many things that just gets confusing. Once you’re lost, it opens a whole book of problems and complications.

    • Deon Watts

      I’ve always wanted to learn how to skateboard. I can always help you if you want if your confused

    • Samuel Appiah

      I enjoy playing video games as well. Its a way for me to connect with my friends through the party’s.

  4. Devindra Subhag

    My name is Devindra Subhag. I’m in the Computer Engineering Technology major. I live in Queens. I have lived here my entire life. The best thing I can do is sleep and I’m pretty good at it. The best fruit is mango and any mango flavored. Nothings is better that.
    Out of everything math is decent. Some years it is easy and others is just plain out hard. But my teachers were always easy and nice so it made the class much easier. Hopefully it’s the same this year.

    • Samden Lama

      Yeah I love my sleep too haha.

      • Meharab

        I hope the same, because I love math as long as I understand the topic clearly

    • Mohammed Hanif

      You should travel to Bangladesh. And let me know. We can go clime trees and steal mangos and eat together

  5. Deon Watts

    My name is Deon Watts, I’m 17 and I reside in Brooklynnnnnnn ( the best borough if I do say so myself). I am majoring in Electrical engineering, with the hopes of pursuing a career as an electrical engineer consultant. I have experience in construction trades such as carpentry and electrical as well as some solar knowledge due to my studies in Highschool. I was also able to obtain my OSHA 30. I say all this to give some background on why I chose my major. I enjoyed the electrical aspect of my construction class. It pushed me to think of multiple solutions to the many scenarios presented. The hands-on aspect was also a motivating force when choosing electrical engineering.

    I always loved math. I loved how it forced you to think, the answer is never just presented to you. I took AP Calc in high school my last year, however, I struggled due to the lack of preparation I had going in. I lacked the pre-calc and regular calc one is supposed to receive. So I am very eager to learn the materials in this class and hope to walk away witha greater understanding overall.

    • Myron Mitchell

      Hi, I’m Myron. I see that you enjoy Math, I agree that Math isn’t all that bad. I also agree with you on how Brooklynnnnnnn is the best borough haha. I am also very interested in how Precalculus is going to be overall.

    • Samuel Appiah

      Hey, I’m Samuel. Its really amazing that you have hands on experience as well as general knowledge about engineering. I’m also majoring in Electrical Engineering as well.

    • Itay

      Hi Deon, I could not help but notice your age, and in my opinion as a guy who is a little bit older than you, I understand from your words that you are really focused and on your way. I appreciate this kind of attitude in young people. I know that it will lead you to good places. I share many of the same interests as you in the construction and electrical engineering industries.

  6. Emartinez

    My name is Eric Martinez-Valerio, currently residing in Brooklyn I am more of a History person. My major as of right now is Liberal arts and arts and some of the things I do out of work is work at a restaurant, buy and resell items such as sneakers and street wear and I like to hang out with my friends whenever I can. I like to stay busy but when I do decide to take it easy sometimes I like to watch videos on Youtube or on Netflix and just zone out of everything.

    Math is a topic that I enjoy working with. It is not always easy especially when learning new concepts but learning was never made to be easy and that what I like about math. Math is able to keep my head focused and with that comes new things to always be learning. With this course I hope to further enhance my knowledge on what I already know, challenge myself with the topics that are to come this semester, and thus expand on to new topics and just progress at the end from where I started at the beginning of this semester.

    • Kev

      Hello, Eric Martinez Valerio. Nice to meet you! I agree with you that Youtube and Netflix are the way to go, as there are all type of content and niche available to watch across both platforms. Also regarding math, I absolutely agree with you on that new concepts introduced in math is such a headache to learn.

  7. rehab E

    My name Rehab, born and live in NYC. I graduated from high school this year and I’m currently majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. when I was in high school, I participated in graphic design and web design classes. apart from school, I’m an artist. My other hobby is also music, I play a couple of instruments in my free time, and I used to have music class and was part of a music club back at middle school.

    Math was sometimes easy for me because some of my previous math teachers weren’t really perfect on teaching it but I do respect them and I also took tutoring for extra help on what I didn’t understand in class. however, I did not take a calculus class when I was in high school, but Overall, Math is not that bad.

    • Alexander Lumbres

      Ohhh you had graphic design and web design too?! From what school?

    • Meharab

      I love to play my guitar and violin whenever I am free.

    • MohammadBelal

      I love graphic designing too, i make some gfx in my free time to make banners and stuff for people

    • Mohammed Hanif

      Bro, we should collaborate sometimes and get famous. Lmaoo. I’m more into EDM.

  8. Samden Lama

    Hi, this is Samden Lama. I am 21 years old. I came to New York in 2016 from my country Nepal and currently living in brooklyn with my family. At first, I joined a GED program and completed those stuffs to get high school transcript. After that, I didn’t know what I wanted to major on or pursue but somehow I chose Accounting as my major in college. This is my first year in Citytech after transferring from B.M.C.C. And speaking of what I like to do in my spare time, that would be binge watching korean dramas and bollywood movies or hangout with friends. Yeah nothing really special actually.
    Now coming to Maths, it never was the subject that I liked because it looked so complicated to me. I used to be average student in maths back in the school days. But now, I am willing to learn and practice more. I took trigonometry in summer 2020 session also got very satisfying grade, so now I am here in this class expecting to do good again.

    • Itay

      Dear Samden,
      Just to hear the word “Nepal” brings to my imagination pictures of great mountains and hiking trails. I hope one day to go there and experience this beautiful country.

      • Samden Lama

        Hi, so glad to hear this. I would love to visit to Israel some day too.

        • Itay

          I’ll be happy to give you tips when you go!

  9. Aaron Reid

    My name is Aaron Reid, and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I am 18 years old, and my major is Computer engineering. From as far as 6th grade I was always fascinated in technology, in particular, I wondered how the the the many devices I used daily such as phones and computers functioned which made me take an interest in computer science.

    During high school, I took robotics and many other math courses, such as geometry, which was an exciting subject. Even though I may have struggled from time to time in my math classes, my interest in computers and technology still stands firm. This class will serve as a starting point real starting point for me as I have never taken a calculus class. As a freshman in college, this is my first step to my overall goal of being a professional computer engineer.Even though I know it won’t be easy, I try my best to do well.

    • Benjamin Gonzalez

      I read most of the comments and almost all of you had a course that had to do with design or something with a computer. I’m guessing I went to a bad high school.

  10. Benjamin Gonzalez

    Hi my name is Benjamin, born and raised in NYC. I’m 17 and a freshman, majoring in Computer Information Systems. I don’t enjoy reading, my favorite subject is math, I like listening to rap & hip hop, and like watching action shows & movies. Aside from school my hobby is basketball. I also enjoy spending time with my family & friends.

    Topic #1:
    Math has always been my favorite subject. My math teachers, for the most part, have always been good teachers so I have always been “good” at math you can say. I don’t really know the part that’s my favorite, I just have always understood the material quickly. I don’t know how learning math through a call will go though, I tend to ask questions if I don’t understand and explaining something through a screen isn’t as helpful as in person. I hope it all goes well.

  11. Alex Yadaicela

    Hi, my name Alex Yadaicela and I’m from Ecuador. I have been residing in Queens for eight years. During those years, I’ve explored the customs and sites that New York is built on because I enjoy seeing the difference/similarities between cultures. But, because of the pandemic, I’ve relied on reading about sites instead of physically interacting with them. The major I decided to pursue is Computer Information Systems to further understand how technology is shaping the behavior of all generations.

    I choose topic #1. I’ve never considered any other academic subject a favorite besides physical education. But I do find math to be a pleasant subject because it has methods to prove/disprove something. It does not rely on mental convictions or perspectives that people have, which makes it less complicated to understand. Like many of us, I’m hoping to learn new concepts that this class has to teach.

    • Leslie Martinez

      Oh cool. I’ve always wanted to visit Ecuador and explore the country

    • Itay

      Hi Alex, I liked that you wrote about your interest in NY customs and sites, as a newcomer to the city it’s one of my goals here to explore the huge variety of activities here.
      I am also a “people person” and will probably enjoy the city and her diverse communities.

  12. Karina Budhu

    My name is Karina Budhu. I am currently 17 years old, I will be turning 18 on September 30th. My pronouns include she/her. Both of my parents are from Trinidad. I am currently part of the computer engineering major at City Tech. I have developed a love for computers over my high school career. Something that I am interested in doing in my free time includes watching anime or playing video games. I have been watching anime consistently over the past 3 years and I am continuing to do so. Additionally, I like to play video games on my spare time.
    Math was my favorite subject since elementary school up until my senior year of high school. I loved learning about algebra as well as trigonometry. I grew to not like math within my senior year when I was learning Calculus. Learning things such as the derivatives and rules of derivative’s tended to annoy me and it was hard for me to grasp this idea. However, I still love math and it is a very interesting and entertaining subject for me to learn on.

    • Kimberly Yisuf

      Hi Karina! Nice to meet you. I see we both are pursuing computer engineering! You stated that in high school you developed a love for computers. Did you have any experience with computers software or hardware on your own or high school?

  13. Trevor Bodhnaraine

    Hi, my name is Trevor Bodhnaraine and I’m from Queens. I’m currently majoring in electrical engineering trying to obtain my degree. I’ve taken technical courses throughout high school so I am familiar with my major as I really enjoy it. Engineering is great major as it blends the importance of math and science together. Other than school, I enjoy playing sports on my free time with my friends and family.

    My favorite subject is math because it is very intriguing as there are many ways to solve problems. I’ve taken a number of math courses throughout middle and high school. Ever since middle school I’ve really taken an interest in math and I’m somewhat good at it. I hope to expand my knowledge of mathematics with this course as its my goal.

    • Erik Yan

      I am also from Queens and playing sports with friends are always the best to get my mind off of things.

  14. Meharab

    Hey! my name is Meharab Abir I live in queens. I just turned18 and graduated this year from high school. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I am always obsessed with any kind of technology. No wonder I stick with my project cars half of my day, currently working on a Scion tc and my 9.5 gen Accord I do love to work hard if I have to achieve something . Other days I work and spend time with my family and friends.
    Topic #1: Math is my favorite subject because it keeps me focus but have to practice frequently. For me math is like a roller coaster sometimes is not scary at all but when you reach the top you see the real fear. I do love math a lot but sometimes it depends on the topic. I took Pre-calculus in my senior year and it can be really frustrated but so far all of my math teachers were nice and I am grateful for that.

    • Jose Vargas

      Whats up Meharab, my name is Jose Vargas. I find it very satisfying that you work with your cars, the Scion tc was one of the cars I wanted as my first car but I was able to get a Camaro. I also love to work one my car, if you want to check out my car page its @nyc.camaro. Love people that show love and dedication to their cars. Keep on the good work with the cars !

  15. Leslie Martinez

    Hello my name is Leslie. Currently reside in Staten Island and happy that I don’t have to make a 4 hours round trip to and from the college. I’m 23 years old and have worked in the IT field for about 3+ years. I decided to go to school and get a degree in the field so I’m taking a pause from working full time to focus on my studies. I don’t really have any hobbies except working out (whenever the gyms finally open) and occasionally playing the guitar or ukulele.

    Topic1: I never really liked math and struggled last semester to pass the class. I probably struggle because I have very bad memory and it’s hard for me to remember all the formulas for the tests. I think the only time I enjoyed math was when I took PreCalc in high school because I had a math teacher that was able to explain things very well. Other than that, I’ve always gotten pretty bad test grades.

    • Mohammed Hanif

      About the timing. Online class saved me from getting parking tickets and 2 hours of my time. But sadly online class really bad, can’t give more attention.

      And wow you like playing ukulele and guitar

  16. MohammadBelal

    Hello, my name is Mohammad Belal and my current major is Computer Information Systems since i love learning about software and different computer parts. My hobbies consists of playing a lot of video games, anime, and sleeping and I’m currently 20 years old. I didn’t go to college last semester and i’m new to taking online classes.

    #1. Math isnt really my favorite subject since i never really had any favorite subjects besides History, throughout my school year(s), i always scored average on math and consider it to just be there while i focus on my other subjects, but to me Math isnt all that bad.

  17. Myron Mitchell

    Hi, I am Myron Mitchell. I graduated from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School and I am excited to be part of the City Tech family. Here, I am majoring Computing Information Systems. I live deep in the borough of Brooklyn, in East New York. I like playing video games in my spare time with my friends and we have a lot of fun.

    I used to have a passion for Math back in elementary school and middle school, because I feel like the teachers were just better. They really made math fun, and not boring. They were also cool as people. It was also much more simple and easier to understand back then. Simple multiplication, beginner geometry, and other things were examples. Now, Math is way more complicated and simply not fun. It is also frustrating at times because you could think do are doing it correctly, but you are not. The Algebra 2 regents that I took in my Junior year of high school was upsetting to every student. Nobody even knew half of the topics that were on it. Using Sine, cosine, and tangent to solve math equations caused everyone to rip their hair out. What’s even worse is that you’ll never going to need that knowledge in life at all. Probably addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. But learning how to measure angles and other things is quite asinine.

  18. Kai Tyler

    My name is Kai and I’m a CS major. Current main hobby would be League of legends and creating basic scripts to automate whatever tasks i’m not interested in doing. I like well written films and tv shows, and greatly dislike it when something happens that can ruin it. (Star Wars sequel trilogy and Captain Marvel are two rather egregious examples of this.) I also enjoy critical analyses of media and the debates that inevitably arise from it.

    Topic #1
    I wouldn’t say math has ever been my favorite subject, but it’s always been a subject i’ve been consistently strong in and enjoyed, a result of my mother sending me to Kaplan tutors after school and Kumon during the summers no doubt, even if we were overseas in Japan. I enjoy math because it has hard inflexible rules, unlike other subjects which tend to be open to a certain amount interpretation depending on the person.

    • Itay

      Hi Kai. Can you give an example of what kind of tedious tasks you have automated because I have a feeling that I will have a need for some new ways to save time during university :o)

  19. Samuel Appiah

    Hello, my name is Samuel Appiah. I’m honored to be a part of City Tech and my current major is electrical engineering technology. I am 18 years of age and reside in Brooklyn. I enjoy watching and listening to podcasts as well as youtube. Usually in my free time, I love to watch sports and play video games. My favorite sports are basketball and soccer. In regards to my academic interest, I enjoy exploring history, learning more about finance and general knowledge education. BTW my favorite youtube channels are ALUX, Epic Five TV,Stephan Graham and Savage Shawn lol.

    Topic 1 : Math has always been one of my favorite subject and to this day is still in my top three. My favorite year where I enjoyed Math the most was my junior year in Highschool which was unfortunately my last time taking Math. I loved the teacher and also had a great personal relationship with her and she always supported me throughout my High School career since I first had her as a freshman. Besides the teacher, the class had great energy and vibe and I buit great relationship with everyone. Math is also a key reason why I’m majoring in Electrical Engineering.

  20. Kiraan Baijoo

    Hello everybody and Professor Suman, my name is Kiraan Baijoo and I was born and raised in Queens. My current major is Electrical Engineering Technology and I plan to stay in this major throughout my four years here as I find it very interesting. During high school I was given the opportunity to explore different types of engineering and this one grabbed my attention. Interests I have are watching basketball and playing video games.

    In all honesty, math has been my favorite subject since 7th grade. We had started to do two step variable problems and everybody was lost where as I wasn’t. Ever since then I’ve taken math every year of my life and I have always enjoyed learning about it, no matter the difficulty. With this class, I wish to learn every topic and master it as I will become one step closer to becoming an electrical engineer.

    • Trevor Bodhnaraine

      What is your favorite mathematics course?

      • Kiraan Baijoo

        Algebra 1 and 2, mostly because letters don’t confuse me when they are mixed in with numbers . How about you?

  21. Kimberly Yisuf

    Hi! My name is Kimberly Yisuf. I am from Queens. My major is computer engineering technology. I first realized I wanted to be in this major since elementary school. Ever since that moment on I have been taking courses that would help guide me to my goal. My hobbies are photography and reading. You would normally find me reading mystery books or poetry. On my spare time, I would listen to music and watch my favorite show “Criminal Minds”.

    Math is my favorite subject because I always found myself motivated to solve a problem no matter how easy or challenging it is. I always have this mindset that there is a way to solve this problem and I have that ability. I like how math gives that satisfaction after you find an answer and an adventure when solving the problem. I find it interesting. In middle school, I had an amazing math teacher that helped me to gain confidence when it comes to math and not to be discouraged when I see an equation or expression on paper. Middle school was the point in my life when I discovered that math is my favorite subject.

  22. Itay

    Question 1:
    Hi to all of you. My name is Itay and I just arrived to the US a short time ago.
    I am originally from Israel. In the past 15 years I worked in the agriculture sector and gained significant experience in managing agricultural operations. Since a young age, I had a dream to become a mechanical engineer but it never became a reality because my agriculture career took me down a different path. The last time I sat near a school desk was 20 years ago, so my “operating system” really needs an update. It is not that I am clueless, but the cogs and gears in my head are really starting to move again in a new direction right now. The feeling is great for the mind, it is really a muscle that grows and strengthens with practice.

    Question 2: Sometimes people can recognize a time when their opinion of math dramatically changed either for the better or the worse. Tell us about it.

    In school I looked at math as a burden and I only wanted to do my exams and put math behind me. Now, I see that to chase my dream of becoming a mechanical engineer, I need math, and it will give me the ability to fulfill my dreams. Because I now have focus and motivation, I am trying to take pleasure in math like you enjoy spicy food – it “burns,” but you enjoy it. I wish to have easy learning this year and to really enjoy math for the first time.

    • Kiraan Baijoo

      Hi Itay! You have quite the history and I respect your hustle my friend. If I ever go to Israel, I would love to know your favorite spots I can visit for scenery or food. Anyways, I hope you accomplish your dreams and have an amazing year!

      • Itay

        Dear Kiran,
        Thank you for your comment and good wishes. For sure I will be happy to be your guide and give you great tips if you ever have a trip planned to Israel!

  23. Kev

    Hello, my name is Kevin Huang from Brooklyn, NY. I am 20 years old and currently majoring in Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems. I’ve always been interested in techs and anything associated in the field of technology. In 2005, at the age of 5, I got my very first desktop computer and that was when my first interaction and love of technologies was introduced. I love listening to hip-hop, pop, and r&b musics, playing sports, watching movies and sports when I am down to chill. Even during my free time, I would still be using my computer, smartphone, tablet, and even television. Even on my free time, I would be on my computer, phone, tablet, or TV. Most of everything I do are associated with a tech.

    Math was definitely my favorite subject in school during elementary and middle school. As you can tell, I used “was” to show my affection for math back then, because that was when it was easy. As the difficulty of math started to increase during high school, my appreciation for math started to decline. Algebra was my all-time favorite section of math taught during the end of middle school to early high school. When geometry and trigonometry were introduced during the latter half o f my high school year, that was when I began to lose my desire to learn more of its subject.

    • Aaron Reid

      I agree with you all the way, Math gets harder the further you go. Hopefully this class will improve our math skills with ease.

  24. Mohammed Hanif

    Hello all, My name is Mohammed Hanif, you guys can call me Hanif . I’m South Asian from Bangladesh. Now I live in Elmhurst near Jackson Height. My major is computer engineering. I graduated from Newcomers High School. I like to sing and am music producer. I also like to go for hiking, travel the world . As you can see my major is computer engineering and yes I like doing rubbish stuff such as breaking electronic devices and try to fix those but end up throwing those in the rubbish can . My favorite singers are MJ, Tim (Avicii), Bob Marley, Juice, Marvin. As a human being, I love humans so much, so if you need any help feel free to let me know, I would love to help. This year can be nightmares for some of us. But don’t worry if we work together we can do it.

    Mathematics is like water to me; not sweet, not bitter, not sour. I’m not saying I’m super expert at math, but I know enough to survive but god knows why I still get “D” at the end of the semester. I don’t know why but that’s true.

  25. Mamadou Diallo

    Hello, my name is Mamadou Diallo . I graduated from Bronx international high school. i am currently majoring in computer science.
    I love math! i have always been good with number. and i think fast on solving problem. I guess it is because where i come from (west Africa) math is an important subject. I do not feel comfortable writing. I rather solve many problems than writing essays.

    • Mamadou Diallo

      I was born in texas but when to africa because of my parent

      • Mamadou Diallo

        sorry about that.
        like i was saying i went to Africa where i spend 16 years. i came back here ( U.S) 3 years ago and i attended high school. Learning English was a problem but i was able to learn fast. I like to push my self higher and work hard for the things i want.

    • Samuel Appiah

      Hey, I’m Samuel and I’m African too And Math is a subject I enjoy really much. I find math easier when I put in the effort but sometime time I put in little to no effort. I relate to you writing. I really hate reading and reading especially literature and those text we read and have to read in high school for the regents and SAT

  26. Ivan

    Hi my name is Ivan Delgado and i’m from queens new York. I was born and raised here and i’m also Mexican because of my parents. I am majoring in mechanical engineering because I found it cool that mechanical engineers have the opportunities to design or work with cars and me well i have really liked playing with cars back in the day and it really grew on me. Some hobbies that i really like to do is play soccer all the time or bike really long distances because why not.
    As far as math goes, I was never really one of the math type guy. I have always struggled with any math class growing up. In my opinion math isn’t the class for me. But even though I struggle to take a math course i eventually try my hardest to adapt and pass the class. I’d say the most not fun part of math is the test or quizzes because I always struggle to do them but its an obstacle I have to get around.

    • Jose Vargas

      Whats up Ivan, my name is Jose. Really respect you for having the same interest as me with working on cars and also love playing soccer. Hmu and maybe we could be able to play soccer sometime lmao.

  27. Jose Vargas

    Hello everybody, My name is Jose Vargas. I am from the Bronx and my ethnicity is Mexican and Ecuadorian. I graduated from Bronx Health Sciences High School, and now I am attending City Tech to major in Architecture Technology. I find my major very satisfying and mind blowing. I want to pursue this major because it has always been my father’s and my dream to become one and being able to create all the floor plans and blueprints for building under construction in Manhattan. Somethings that I love to do on my free time is doing soccer drills, draw and also play video games.

    As for math, I love it ! It has always been my favorite subject because it just runs in the family. My family is the reason why I love it, they are on point with math. Although my parents never made it to college back in their beautiful countries , they are still very good at math and I grew up with learning it. I have times where I question math, for example sometimes there could be extreme problems of math that i can get confused about and I just wonder, are we really going to need this in the real world? but at the same time i don’t mind learning math because even if its hard, I always try my best to get the answer and learn different math methods.

  28. Elias

    My name is Elias Vilomar Henriquez. I was born in the Dominican Republic. I came to the U.S. 5 years ago. I currently live in the Bronx. My major is computer system. One of my hobbies is to play chess whenever I have the time.

    In the past math was not my favorite subject but now it is one of my favorite because I like the explanations and most of the time there is a pattern to find to get to the answers.

  29. Adrian Ramos

    Hi my name is Adrian Ramos. I was born and raised in Queens and my nationality is Dominican Republic. I am currently majoring in Computer Systems at Citytech. For most of my spare time I like to read manga and watch anime as well as play video games.

    Math has been an on and off subject for me. Meaning I would have my good years and be very proficient with solving problems while sometimes I tend to struggle a bit and entirely dislike it. I like math when I fully understand the problem and continue to be efficient for solving the next couple of problems. Although when I struggle on a problem I take way too much time trying solve it my own way rather than understand what steps are needed to be solved.

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