Exams (35%): There will be 2 midterm exams during the semester (i.e., not including the final exam). No makeup exams will be given.  If you miss an exam for a valid reason, your final exam score will take the place of the missing exam.

Final Exam (30%): A final exam is given on the last day of class covering all topics. The final exam must be taken to pass the course.

Homework (20%): Each week you will be assigned online homework to be completed in WeBWorK.  All problems completed will earn points towards your homework grade.

Quizzes (10%): There will be approximately 5 quizzes over the course of the semester. Each quiz will consist of one or two exercises, which will be very similar to the homework. Quiz dates will be announced in class & on Blackboard.

Participation/Attendance (5%): You will be expected to participate and contribute to the course during our class session and on OpenLab by asking questions, writing and making comments in response to assigned readings, posting solutions to homework problems, and so on.  Details for earning participation points towards this component of your grade will be posted here.