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Class 8 Recap (Wed Sept 27)

Class Info

  • Date: Wed Sept 27
  • Meeting Info: 12p-1:40p, N700


Office hours: Friday, Sept 29, 2-3p on Blackboard Collaborate.


  • “Derivatives – Power Rule” – due tonight (Thurs Sept 28)
  • “Derivatives – Power Rule – Part 2” – due Mon Oct 2
  • “Derivatives – Product Rule” – due Thurs Oct 5

Another WebWork set on the next topic (Quotient Rule) will be assigned next week.


Continued with Sec 3.3 – Differentiation Rules – reviewed Quiz #1, Power Rule examples from WebWork sets; introduced Product Rule:

PatrickJMT Videos – Derivatives

You can find numerous online resources to help you learn the math we are covering in this course. One YouTube math channel I like is PatrickJMT. He has an entire playlist on derivatives, which you can find here.

For example, here are a couple of his videos on the topic we just covered–finding derivatives using the power rule:

Class 7 Recap (Wed Sept 20)

Class Info

  • Date: Wed Sept 20
  • Meeting Info: 12p-1:40p, N700


The college is closed on Monday (Sept 25), so our next class meeting will be next Wednesday (Sept 27). Please work on the open WebWork sets in the meantime:

“Derivatives – Functions” (due Mon Sept 25)

“Derivatives – Power Rule” (due Thurs Sept 28)


We found the derivatives of the following power functions ( f(x) = x^n ), and generalized this to the “Power Rule”.

We also introduced the “d/dx” notation for derivatives, and the Sum and Constant Multiple Rules:

Using these rules, we can now find the derivative of any polynomial. For example:

See Sec 3.3 – Differentiation Rules in the textbook for the statements of these rules and additional examples:

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