Puzo Restaurant Menu

Puzo is an Italian Restaurant founded by Loneze Puzo in dedication to his father in law. It is a casual, family friendly restaurant that offers a variety of  traditional Italian dishes, desserts and soft drinks. For this design, I decided to stay away from the usual Italian flag color palettes and decided to add light blue borders with soft edges with a beige color as the background color. The menu is a two-fold in a square shape. Measuring 7 1/2x 15 and 7 1/2x 7 1/2 when folded.

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6 thoughts on “Puzo Restaurant Menu”

  1. I like the logo and the color palette a lot.
    The colors and the logo look very playful and it makes me want to visit the restaurant.
    I think the layout which has 3 pages on one side was a good choice for this design to give an impression with a well-made logo.

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