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WUK is a West-Indian Thai fusion restaurant founded by Chef Alecia Massiah. Located in the Flatbush area, Alecia Massiah’s restaurant strives to make the world a better place by producing as little waste as possible. By utilizing locally sourced produce and eco-friendly dinnerware, WUK is able to lower Brooklyn’s carbon footprint while simultaneously providing fresh, healthy meals.

This legal size menu was printed on 11×17 60lb paper. The menu was then trimmed to sized before being mounted onto a sheet of matboard.


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5 thoughts on “WUK Menu Presentation | Bryanna Andrew”

  1. I like the cover of your menu, the combination of the name and the design works very well.
    Love the font you used for the name.

    In addition, I like the one-page layout, it came out really well, sophisticated, neat, and artistic.

    Big Fan

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