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Communication Design
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Spring 2020
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In this course
students will partner with Hospitality Program students to create a visual identity for a restaurant. Hospitality students will provide a concept and menu items and together, students will develop the name, logo and menu designs. Students will explore the elements that make an identity appropriate, engaging and cohesive. Color palette, iconography and type selection will be discussed with Hospitality clients. Designers will present their Hospitality clients with options and discuss possibilities. Menus will be comped and formally presented at the end of the 7th week.
In the second portion of the course design students will be working on their own to further develop the identity elements. They will design applications such as signage, an ad campaign, communications package and develop guidelines for logo usage. The final project will be presented in a printed and bound book.
Slide lectures, assigned readings, videos and class critiques will augment the design process.


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