Dasom Kim – Mamacita’s Special House

Mamacitas’s special house is a Panamian restaurant located in New York City and they use organic ingredients and authentic island seasoning. I designed their brunch menu with a casual and comfy mood. There is only the logo on the front page of the menu and the back page has the story of the restaurant and social media logos and QR code. The color palette was inspired by the logo. The size of the menu is 11 x 8.5 inches which can be folded in the middle. I used very fine lines to divide the sections of categories for readability.

Doña Restaurant – Lilian Martinez

Doña is a Dominican and Hawaiian fusion restaurant founded by Chef Jesus Rodriguez, with the best locally grown ingredients that represent core values of using food that is grown and prepared with love.

The menu is made out of classic linen solar white paper, the large menu size is 8.5 x 14 in. – 80 lbs attached to a dark wooden board and the wine menu is 6 x 8 in displayed at the center of the table.



Puzo Restaurant Menu

Puzo is an Italian Restaurant founded by Loneze Puzo in dedication to his father in law. It is a casual, family friendly restaurant that offers a variety of  traditional Italian dishes, desserts and soft drinks. For this design, I decided to stay away from the usual Italian flag color palettes and decided to add light blue borders with soft edges with a beige color as the background color. The menu is a two-fold in a square shape. Measuring 7 1/2x 15 and 7 1/2x 7 1/2 when folded.

WUK Menu Presentation | Bryanna Andrew

WUK is a West-Indian Thai fusion restaurant founded by Chef Alecia Massiah. Located in the Flatbush area, Alecia Massiah’s restaurant strives to make the world a better place by producing as little waste as possible. By utilizing locally sourced produce and eco-friendly dinnerware, WUK is able to lower Brooklyn’s carbon footprint while simultaneously providing fresh, healthy meals.

This legal size menu was printed on 11×17 60lb paper. The menu was then trimmed to sized before being mounted onto a sheet of matboard.


Fauntleroy’s – Jonathan

Fauntleroy’s is a Thai and Jamaican fusion cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Fauntleroy is defined as an excessively well mannered or well dressed boy. Me and my client had envisioned making Fauntleroy’s an experience that redefines what restaurant means to a person. With a thoughtful dish selection from both Thailand and Jamaica, there is bound to be a dish that someone may have never tried before but will fall in love with when they experience it first in Fauntleroy’s.

The menus were printed on 11″ x 17″ cardstock and folded down to 8.5″ x  11″ while the drink menus were printed on 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock and trimmed down to 4″ x 5″. The front of the menu contains the Fauntleroy’s logo along with the times and days the restaurant will be open. The back of the menu includes the story of how the restaurant came to be, address, social media outlets, and a QR code.

Identity Design- Lebinican Menu

This is a photo of the Lebinican restaurant menu. Lebinican is a diffusion restaurant that mixes both countries Lebanon and the Dominican Republic not only the name of it but their appetizing foods. A casual down to earth place with an industrial vibe to it. The menu is simply exposed in a clear plastic stand easy for customers to recognize and see without difficulty. It lists delicious savory Lebanese and Dominican dishes, healthy at affordable prices. The back of the menu is straightforward, it includes the story of the restaurant, address/contact info, opening/closing times and the logo. The logo consists of a pink flower that represents the Dominican Republic, the tree symbolizes Lebanon, it is also on the Lebanese flag.

Fauntleroy – Irvin

Fauntleroy is a fusion restaurant with Thai and Caribbean food. The printout size is 11 by 17 folded. The front of the menu is the logo of Fauntleroy and the hours of the restaurant. The back of the menu is the story of my client and the icons of Facebook, Instagram, and the QR code. Inside of the menu, the left side is the appetizer, Thai food, and Caribbean food. On the right, is Vegan food, desserts, and drinks.

Black Mamba Menu

This is my Black Mamba menu. The Black Mamba is a sports bar dedicated to the NBA Legend Kobe Bryant. The printout size is 8 in by 6 in with binding. The images shows the front, the first and second spread. The cover is designed to look like scales and the logo having a snake wrap behind it relate back to Kobe Bryant being called the “Black Mamba”. The first page has the locations and hours of when the bar is open along with social media and the right page is the tribute to the Legend Kobe Bryant. The second spread consists of our appetizers, meals, beers and cocktails.

Kimberlee Rios Blue Conch Menu







Blue Conch is a sophisticated & modern Haitian seafood restaurant. The menu has light and flavorful options, preferring to offer clients quality over quantity. The menu was printed in 150 lb weight linen paper and is a single paged 6.5×11 sized menu, double sided. Next to the menu is a white flower bouquet wrapped with a napkin and a sea themed wine bottle with a blue top. Below white shells spill from a glass container to tie into the logo which contains a conch shell. The menu is placed on top of a wooden table, as wood was a design element the client wanted to be apart of the decor of their restaurant.

El Gallego

These are the printouts of El Gallego, which is a Spanish restaurant. The printouts’ size is 11in by 8.5in folded in half. The image includes the front view, the back view, and the open menu view. Also, this menu was designed according to the restaurant’s rustic and Spanish theme. The logo illustrates the national animal of Spain, which a bull, as well as, the flag by having the logo in red and yellow. The back contains the story, the address of the restaurant, and the Qr code, which contains the restaurant’s social media. Latly, the open view contains the food in different categories such as appetizers, wines, entrees, and sides.

Emely Rivas Mamacita’s menu

Mamacita’s Special House
This is my Mamacita’s Special House Restaurant menu. A Panamanian gourmet restaurant very casual with affordable prices where families comes for traditional Latin food, this restaurant you can take it and go but also you can spend time with your family. The print outs are 11 by 8.5 folded in half. Includes the inside of the open menu, the menu’s back and front cover page. The front has the logo of Mamacita, address, hours and small quote in between them. The back is composed of the social media, QR code, story of the restaurant and a picture of the client’ grandmother whom she is inspired by and where the name “Mamacita” came from.

Little Mushroom Cafe


Mushroom-shaped tea caddy
This is a picture of the Little Mushroom Cafe menus. The food menu is a simple brochure fold containing magical forest elements, such as fairies and gnomes. The tea menu, on the other hand, is composed of 6 petals and 1 leaf forming a sunflower.

In addition to the menus, my partner and I decided to get this mushroom-shaped tea caddy made, which has a wrap-around label with the company logo, description of the product and barcode.