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Urbanization Sustainability Index, April 5th

  1. Urban sustainability index is a measurement of how a city efficiently use their resources to meet the needs of their citizens and at the same time preserve much of the natural environment to reduce pollution. The index has 5 categories to judge a city’s urban sustainability.


  1. Meeting the basic needs for their citizens such as water, food and shelter.
  2. Allocation of their resources in water, how waste recycling is processed, and the GDP of their city.
  3. Environmental standards to reduce air and water pollution.
  4. How buildings and mass transportation is built around each other.
  5. Continuing on future sustainability.


I believe this is possible to implement into society if pollution and global warming was taken seriously. Large corporations aren’t doing enough to deal with the damage done by industrialization. Also the government need to reallocate their resources to manage the pollution rather than funding militaristic purposes.