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Reading and posting assignment for Tues. April 5

  1. The urban sustainability index focuses on trying to grow an urban population in the most productive was while using resources as efficiently as possible. It aims directly on emerging/urban cities to measure their performance using five categories; basic needs, resource efficiency, environmental cleanliness, built environment, and commitment to future sustainability.
  2. One component is the built environment which includes urban density, and mass-transit usage. If we can make the public transit more affordable and efficient, people will avoid taking their cars and in return will reduce greenhouse gases. Either war, the public will choose which option if more efficient to get from point a to b, disregarding the environment. Environmental cleanliness is another component and includes air/industrial pollution and waste management. This is achievable if we can reduce the volume of resource consumption. It’s all about using trash and turning it into something new and usable again. Basic needs is important because it’s the basic needs that we have to have to survive and for a urban population. This includes shelter, health, water supply, and education. Most people will have access to these needs and can show you’re living in an urban population.