Peer Mentoring Program

Our Peer Mentor is Ngozi Okonkwo and here is her email:

What is a Peer Mentor?

  • A strong student, a role model, a cheerleader, a guide, a support system, and a non- judgmental peer who knows how to find answers and access resources at City Tech.
  • A PM is there to help you successfully navigate the transition to college, and start off on the right path.
  • This Fall, a PM is an upper-level student will be one of the only upper classman that you will be able to “meet.”  A PM has been where you are and can help give you guidance from his or her experience.

Student Success Workshops — Fall 2021 Schedule

Student Success Workshops are online. These workshops offer new students help with fundamental student skills and City Tech- specific information. You will get extra-credit for attending these workshops so make note of these dates!
Schedule — coming  — stay tuned.