Mentor Text Analysis of Podcast – Afrah Mohsin

JUULing at a Brooklyn Tech High School podcast. 

intro – The podcast engages the audience by adding a news report in the beginning, then different news reporters about the topic. There is music (sounds like a piano) as well as the news and then the person introducing themselves. I knew what the podcast was about from the beginning because the news reporters mentioned what the topic was, which is teenage Juuling. I knew who the speaker was because they began by introducing their name and what their podcast would be about, and they also mentioned that they would interview a person who was willing to talk about the topic, and that persona wanted to be anonymous. I knew who the voices belonged to because the person who created the podcast asked the questions and the interviewee answered, I was able to hear the different voices because the interviewee had a deep voice. 

Middle– The podcast builds on ideas by asking a question to the interviewee and getting responses that add to the topic and give more details about the topic. The podcast does research by telling how much the JUUL cost, how much teens spend on them, and where they can buy these JUUL. Then towards the end, after he finished asking questions the music changed. Then the person who is doing the podcast starts talking about the impact of Juuling on teens and how it can affect their lives. The podcast incorporates narrative because it’s not in order. I think the interviewee got to know the topic beforehand because he was ready to answer the question with many details. The podcast incorporated interviews because one person was asking questions and the other person was answering based on their experience, and their thoughts about the topic. 

Outro– The podcast ends with the speaker asking questions about their topic, and then it ends with music. Pathos and logos are being used, pathos because many teens suffer from this addiction. They used ethos to talk about the amount of money spent on JUUL. The message is to stop or decrease the number of people who use JUUL. The primary audience is the people who are using JUUL to show them that Juuling is bad and unhealthy for them. I think that way because the person who created this podcast asked a student who is using a JUUL and from what I heard that person doesn’t like Juuling and wants other people to stop juuling. The podcast is 3 minutes long. One aspect I will emulate is the way he was asking questions. Something I will avoid is the loud music. 

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