Mentor Text Analysis of podcast- Diana Perez

1.Interview by Brooklyn Tech students:  Juuling at Brooklyn Tech High School

2.Why There’s No Such Thing as a Good Billionaire

3. “With the Opioid Crisis, Don’t Stop at Narcan

“My Incarcerated Family”

Opening/Intro: The title of this podcast is an effective title because it catches the listeners attention and makes them curious. The podcast starts off with a kid, the main speakers little cousin, laughing  in which she explains she loves to hear her cousin laughing and immediately transition how she doesnt want them to end up in jail. She then starts asking questions throughout her family for example she asked her mom how many of her family members are or have been in jail and her mom responded because of the bad choices they make she then questions why do people make bad choices and does prison teach them ti make good choices? This told me that these questions would be what the podcast will be about. The main speaker uses her uncle to share his story on how he ended up in jail and his experiences. The speaker, Samantha introduces any new speakers by sharing their name and questions she has for them. 

Middle Part: The speaker keeps my attention by interviewing people other than experts which was her family, and when she asked them questions they would give personal answers based on their life which made it very interesting. The speakers starts interviewing people like the chief public defender of her county and two formerly incarcerated men.She chooses these people because they are very important sources of her research. She choose the chief public director because he is a reliable source since he first hand deals with incarcerated people everyday, and she choose to interview incarcerated people because they obviously went to jail and have experienced it and their opinions matter highly.  She shares her personal story on how shes the first of her family to attend college. In the podcast the speaker states her questions and worries and then then provides an answer from one of her sources she is interviewing. Throughout the podcast she states her question then inserts an answer from one of the people she was interviewing right after. 

Outro/Ending part: The podcast starts to end off by the main speakers mom explaining in order to change you have to want it first. The main speaker then states a quote by Fredick Douglas stating “Once you learn to read you will be forever free.” reading Peter Rabbit to her little cousin and explains how she wants them to recognize that their is a place beyond their current situation. The podcast ends off with a message. The speaker uses her reading to her little cousin to somewhat share this message. I believe this message is make the choices you have in life good choices because you some of those bad choices can lead you to situations that are irreversible. And i believe the primary audience is to people who aren’t really going through a good path in life and need that warning or guidance to make good choices. The podcast was five minutes long.

Some aspects i might emulate onto my podcast is the personal stories to make my podcast a bit interesting. As well as adding some sounds in my outro and my ending.

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