Problem #4

Definition of problem:

We are to build an entire budget for materials and hardware to build the set for the play “F2M”. This includes tiling, carpeting, cabinetry, sliding hardware and plant life. All of the required items must be within a confined budget.

Plan of action:

To avoid mistakes we all might have made in past projects, we all made sure we were on the same page with each other. We primarily ensured this by separating the tasks equally and relying on one another’s information to be able to complete the other’s. Having had the experience and know how from the past processes made this project a bit easier, I felt comfortable with having a firm grasp on the entirety of what went into the show.

Take Away:

I really felt that having those couple of check-in meetings at the beginning of the project really helped give the project a sense of urgency, which caused everyone in the group to fully participate without worry that we wouldn’t deliver our respective┬áparts of the assignment. ┬áAs always, time is always an important factor and the amount you have of it can make a project go from bad to worse, so this time we definitely took advantage and found ways to streamline the process and save ourselves money in our budget, and save time. Having a sense of freedom to decide how to build, what to buy, made┬ádecisions that would affect the entirety of the play easier for me to grasp, relaying to me┬áthe importance of Technical Direction as a whole.

Culmination/ Tech Direction 2016