Problem #2

Definition of problem:

As in a real world scenario, we were  to hypothetically have a crew at City Tech build the raked deck as seen in Plate GP, within the given restraints and limits. There were also requisites made by the performers (band logo on floor) that made things more difficult when changing over from the proposed concert to the school ‘Talent Show’. The entire set would be built and loaded in by students in Tech Production class so we had to keep in mind the inexperience and number of people we had at our disposal. We were to prepare various forms of documentation such as a budget, calendar, and construction drawings.


Plan of action:

After having decided that we wanted to base our platform breakout on stock triscuits found in the City Tech shop, we settled on a plywood, homasote, and masonite sandwiching method, believing it would be easier and more time saving for our crew.

Take Away:

Though this was a nice step up from the last project in terms of logistics and teamwork, it was rightly challenging. For the most part, our lack of details and information on the actual construction drawings came back to bite us so in the future that would definitely be something I will keep track of. Also, we were not always on the same page and some people had to make up work not done by the other team member(s) on the fly, so making sure everyone completes their given task promptly, for the sake of the team just like in a real world scenario, takes highest priority in most group projects.


Culmination/ Tech Direction 2016