Problem #1

Definition of problem:

Delivering a freshly made peanut butter and jelly sandwich, capable of fitting inside of a 9″ x 9″x 9″ truck. All ingredients should not be put together until after the truck loads in. Silverware and dishes should match the designer’s pictures and the sandwich must be cut in a clean diagonal.

Plan of action:

We will most likely buy a regular loaf of whole grain bread, purchase a Lunchables PB & J box just for the small packets of peanut butter and jelly on I will purchase utensils and plates that look similar to the ones in the images. We will also write out the directions for whoever is building it to put the sandwich together properly. We also assume the tablecloth should match the dish in color, simply for aesthetic.

Take Away:

We did make a couple of changes that eased the process but primarily we did realize a few things. In general, a project such as this made it obvious that even though the step by step solution to a problem may seem so easy and logical to yourself, it is most difficult to actually translate that understanding to another person or group to be able to follow directions without outside guidance.


Culmination/ Tech Direction 2016