Problem #3

Definition of problem:

The wide door flats were to be sturdy enough to be slammed continuously throughout the show without shaking, but be light and simple enough to be built and loaded in by the City Tech student crew. Also including the build process of the custom crown moulding shape.

Plan of action:

We believed that building the flat out of standard 1×3 stick lumber and putting jacks to hold it together would work well enough, also by reinforcing the curved flats at both ends of the wall unit. We attempted a strange idea of building the crown moulding out of chicken wire and muslin but it definitely did not work the way we planned. This idea came from the desire for a quick and cheap way of building such a large and unique crown moulding piece.


Take Away:

One of my biggest qualms about this project was mainly a lack of back and forth between team members. We felt that if we were all checking up on each other’s work and just having an overall watch on time and production that things would have come out clearer and more precise. When it comes to unknown things like the custom moulding, time is your worst enemy, therefore the longer you postpone something with an unknown outcome, the worse it will turn out in the end, if it turns out at all.


Culmination/ Tech Direction 2016