Living Lab at 10th Annual Poster Session Thursday Nov 15

10th Annual Poster SessionCome out to support faculty and student research at City Tech’s 10th Annual Poster Session, Thursday, Nov 15, 1-3 pm in Klitgord Gym.

The Living Lab will have posters in the Education section. Living Lab Fellows Karen Goodlad, Jonas Reitz, Richard Hanley, Anne Leonard, Sandra Cheng, Urmi Ghosh-Dastidar, Elaine Leinung, Barbara Mishara, and Zoya Vinokur will participate in a display on “A Living Lab: Faculty Fellows Incorporating Place Based Learning and High Impact Educational Practices at City Tech;” Ralph Alcendor, Marie Montes-Matias, and Diana Samaroo have a display on “Transforming  Undergraduate Laboratory Experiences in Science Through the Title V Living Lab Project;” and Jody Rosen, Jenna Spevack, Maura Smale, and Charlie Edwards will present a poster on “Connecting and Collaborating on the OpenLab.”

Take a look at the poster session program here. 




3 thoughts on “Living Lab at 10th Annual Poster Session Thursday Nov 15

  1. Thanks for the mention, Sandra! We’re looking forward to representing the OpenLab and participating with so many of our Living Lab colleagues. It’s going to be a great section of the event.

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