General Education Seminar

The Living Lab General Education Seminar enables faculty from across the college to revitalize General Education in their classrooms using high-impact educational practices, place-based learning, and open digital pedagogy. Each year of the grant, interdisciplinary groups of faculty fellows were convened in two seminar programs, for a total of almost 170 participants during the grant period. In the final grant year, we also piloted a new program in which a cohort of seven fellows implemented change in multisection courses in their departments. Two additional fellows focused on communications, conducting a final Living Lab Symposium and creating an online resource exchange, the Living Lab Learning Library, or L4 (, to capture innovative activities developed by participants and others.

The Seminar has been institutionalized as part of the college’s faculty development offerings, integrated with the assessment cycle for Gen Ed student learning outcomes. We also documented our best practices for faculty development and shared them via a suite of Train-the-Trainer workshops.


Sample Materials

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