A Big Congratulations #LAF22

Nothing Says Fun’…” by Kim via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

What a fantastic event the 41st Annual Literary Arts Festival was! Last Thursday afternoon, we were transported into different worlds through each others’ words, both from student award-winners and from the featured writer, Layli Long Soldier.

Thanks to all involved: the presenters, the participants, everyone who submitted writing, everyone who served as judges, the student volunteers, the hosts for the event, and the event organizers.

It would be great if anyone who participated or attended would leave a comment here to share what stood out to you, what you loved, what moved you, what the event motivated you to write, or anything else that you took away with you from the event.

One thought on “A Big Congratulations #LAF22”

  1. I’ll go first: I loved the sense of community that came through even with the webinar-style event–that chat really helped everyone connect and show the invited guests we were there absorbing what they were sharing.

    I also really loved the idea of communal writing that Layli Long Soldier talked about and showed us examples of and her process for creating communal poetry. It would be great for us to experiment with something like that here at City Tech–we could do it here on the OpenLab!

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